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Envy Medical Treatment

At Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics, we offer effective skin solutions that give you exceptional results. Envy Medical is a complete skin-resurfacing treatment that leads to beautifully rejuvenated skin, targeting a range of concerns with proven, lasting results. Skin is left feeling plump, healthy and hydrated, with an improved appearance in tone and texture.

Your Envy Medical treatment summary in Suffolk

Treatment Length: 40 minutes

Possible Side Effects: Slight redness, minor peeling

Downtime: None

Duration of Results: 2-3 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions


What can Envy Medical help treat?

The treatment is designed to improve skin’s health, function and appearance. It can help:

– Reduce signs of sun damage, such as lines and wrinkles
– Improve the appearance of acne, blackheads and ‘bumpy’ skin (keratosis pilaris)
– Treat dull, congested skin, for example large pores or a build-up of dead skin cells


Which areas can be treated?

Although Envy Medical can be carried out almost anywhere on the body, we particularly recommend using it to boost the complexion. Its anti-ageing and skin-clearing properties are ideal for those looking to treat signs of acne, blackheads, and congested skin.


How does treatment work?

Envy Medical is a 3-step process that gently exfoliates, extracts and infuses skin for beautiful, healthy-looking results. Here’s how it works:

* Exfoliates – polishes away dry and damaged skin cells to reveal the newer, younger skin below.
* Extracts – using a gentle vacuum technique, cleanses the skin of impurities, such as blackheads.
* Infuses –  softly massages your bespoke serum into your skin for maximum absorption and retention.

Our clients find the experience relaxing and uplifting and no downtime is expected following treatment.


What other benefits are there?

Not only is Envy Medical an effective treatment, but it’s also fast, as it exfoliates skin and applies serum at the same time. There are also adjustable tips for the handpiece and a choice of settings, allowing for a more tailored experience.

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