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Stimulating collagen production

PRP, or the ‘vampire facial’ has been used for over 30 years in many medical fields due its ability to rejuvenate cells. During PRP, a small amount of blood is taken from the arm. This blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. Plasma is rich in platelets which contain 7 different growth factors which stimulate collagen production when injected into the skin. The plasma is injected both deep and superficially into the dermis of the face to accelerate tissue regeneration and stimulate new collagen production. ​

Your PRP treatment summary in Suffolk

Treatment Length: 45 minutes

Possible Side Effects: Swelling, bruising and erythema (redness).

Downtime: 24 hours

Duration of Results: 12-18 months

Microneedling with the SkinPen® uses multiple needles to create thousands of tiny holes in the skin. These trigger the release of serum growth factors which stimulate the breakdown of old fibrous collagen and stimulate new collagen and elastin development. SkinPen® is a Grade 1 medical device and the only FDA approved microneedling pen. Microneedling can be used for skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation, scar and wound healing, improving fine lines and wrinkles, minimising pores, and improving the appearance of stretch marks.

Your microneedling treatment summary in Suffolk

Treatment Length: 20-45 minutes

Possible Side Effects: Discomfort, inflammation, infection

Downtime: 24 hours

Duration of Results: 3-6 months

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does PRP treat?

PRP rejuvenates tired, ageing, thinning, and dull skin. It is best suited to those seeking to better the quality of their skin through subtle and natural-looking changes rather than augmenting a facial feature. It works beneath your skin to lift, thicken, and refresh from within.


How does PRP work?

The platelets extracted from your blood cells contain beneficial growth factors and healing powers used to regenerate cells and prompt the production of healthy, new ones. It is an 100% natural and biocompatible treatment, since we only use your blood for your skin rejuvenation.


Are there any side effects to PRP?

You may experience some minor swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection sites but these should subside within a few days. Otherwise, there are very little side effects because of its bio-compatibility.


What does microneedling treat?

Microneedling is capable of treating acne scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and volume loss, stretch marks, and tired-looking skin. It is a regenerative treatment, so it can help refresh areas of the face with natural volume or heal damaged areas of skin.


How does microneedling work?

The SkinPen is a handheld device with minute needles at its tip that vibrate during treatment to pierce the skin. They create tiny punctures in the skin that the body registers as wounds. Fresh collagen, elastin, and skin cells are then generated to heal the skin from within, bettering its quality, tone, and texture. This makes this treatment incredibly versatile, with the ability to improve a wide manner of skin complaints.


Are there any side effects of microneedling?

You may experience some redness and flushing after treatment, though this is natural side effect. Some tightness and sensitivity may follow, though this should reside after around 3 days post-treatment. Its recommended you wear SPF for the week following your treatment as your skin will be sensitive to the sun.

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